Thursday, November 29, 2007

"The Americana"

Ballroom Good Music Clean Fun Vegetarian Cuisine Local Talent
Always a free bowl of hot chili.

"The secret to success is always having a pot of beans on". M. St. Germain

Millions of people believe that Ellen White was a true prophet of God. She received over 2000 visions. Just like all true prophets, her mission was to bring people back to the real truth of God's Word. She said "Only those who have fortified their minds with the truths of the Holy Scriptures will escape the last great deception."

One of the things she wrote was, "As we near the end of time vegetarianism will become more and more popular." Ever since I read this prophecy, written over 100 years ago
, I've wanted to start a vegetarian restaurant. I've been a vegetarian all my life. Growing up I was just a weirdo. Even 30 years ago, most people still thought it was strange. Now, most people are aware of the dangers of living high on the food chain. Not to mention a horde of other factors.

Vegetarianism builds character. Most kids grow up thinking they can eat or drink anything, any time. Their parents don't have a clue about anything to do with Biblical temperance. What do you think happens when you grow up not knowing the difference between clean and unclean, holy or unholy, right or wrong? Ezekiel 22;26&27. Most children, now days, seldom get a good square meal. They become sugaraholics at home and then get their first taste of alcohol at church! The Bible teaches an avoidance of alcohol, strict moderation of juice, and fruit in moderation. "Blessed are you, O land, whose king is of nobility and whose princes eat at the appropriate time - for strength and not for drunkenness." Ecclesiastes 10:17 Nutrition is so important when you are young and growing. Snacking on fruit, juice or pop creates dangerous deficiencies. This is the best prescription for every one, "Eat real food and drink water."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Postcard

WINTER GREETINGS The most exciting time of year.
Celebrating 30 years of Quality. Your Quiet Company.
"Since 1977"

Reuben Germain
Rembrandt Tree Care "The Next Generation"

Here is the finished product:

Sunday, November 4, 2007

"True Success"

True success is exactly proportionate to how much you love the truth.
II Thessalonians 2:10&11

From the roaring 20's and into the 1960's, there were dance halls across the country. Various clubs and bars where mostly young people could "Hang out." Most of them were dominated by the "Jazz Scene" and, of course, the pathetic "Addict Culture." It's a wonder were still here, the way so many of those generations wasted their lives, always at the wrong party!

Now here it is almost 2008, and it's high time everyone realized that young people need places where they can have real fun, apply their talents and even learn good health habits. I've heard that America has twice as many young people that smoke as most other countries. What's wrong with being clean, healthy and strong? Why are kids so easily led astray? What's the big attraction? Is it just too cool to be a big bad loser or rebel or whatever?

Well here is the real basic answer. Who is training these children? The parents, grandparents, teachers and preachers? Don't try to answer that! The real question is, who trained them? You can't teach what you don't know! This country is being destroyed by those who never could have built it! We've forgotten most of the dreams of our ancestors. What were those pioneer beliefs? Who's responsible? The people in charge? Who is that? Those who have the most money and and the least principle. Why? We've exchanged the Truth for a lie. What's the lie? Maximum profit, minimum responsibility. Maximum production minimum effort. More development, more technology, more chemicals, more drugs, more tampering with Nature, more luxury, more exploitation, more playing god. What is the Truth? "Everything depends on good logging and farming."

This country is being torn down by two opposing factions. The godless humanists whose religion is evolution and environmentalism. Who, in spite of their moral decadence, want you to believe that they are going to save the planet and that God is compatible with evolution. Never mind the fact that this makes Him a liar!

The other extreme of course are the Ante-Christians. The New Testament writers said the worst thing we have to fear is the Antichrist. Ante simply means "in place of", "impersonator" or
"fake". Candy-coated Christianity. You can have your cake and eat it too. You can eat anything, drink anything, smoke anything, wear anything, watch anything, nothing is holy, nothing is sacred, keep all your idols, and your spurious sabbath and call it Jesus! Unity without truth is nothing more than uniformity. How can this be? They all have a majority of wonderful truths that they teach. We want the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

This is that same Elijah message that John the Baptist was practicing, that we are to be practicing. That voice crying in the wilderness. The warning against false religion and false worship. The simple practical hard working lifestyle. The simple practical dress. The simple diet. The free and independent self sufficient conservative disciple. The Bible says that John was true to his calling and was not just another reed shaken in the wind. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The problem with the world is; no one wants to be a subsistence farmer and no one wants anyone else to be a subsistence farmer.