Friday, January 29, 2010

Marble King

The Pearl of Great Price
" A Good Reputation is Worth more the Gold "

I remember when I was very young, I was totally obsessed with marbles. At one point in my childhood it seems like they were the most wonderful and valuable thing I knew. A good part of the attraction came from the fact that they came in so many endless, beautiful varieties. There were, Cat Eyes, Clearies, Beachballs, Alabasters, Clays, Pewters, Chinas, Indians, etc. etc. We were always testing the different marbles we owned to determine which were the best shooters that would stick. A good shooter would stick and send the enemy marble out of the ring, at which point of course it became a prisoner. If you're shooter was still in the ring you got another shot. It wasn't that long ago when most kids played marbles. Now this great American pastime has been largely replaced with high tech garbage. I think I was exceptional at least in the sense that I really liked marbles. I still do. How could anyone not like them? They're beautiful. I was different though. I couldn't understand why other kids lost interest and before long they had lost all their marbles!

Of course, at some point in time, I came to realize that marbles were really cheap and worthless, but I still liked them. Now they have more of a sentimental, symbolic, value. What do you suppose those marbles represent?

When I became a teenager, I still liked marbles. While other kids were going crazy and doing crazy things, I was working and studying. Learning to run a chainsaw and play guitar. When I got into high school, I still liked marbles. When other kids were hot rodding around blowing there parents money and getting in trouble. I was working. Helping my Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. When I became an adult I still liked marbles. While my contemporaries were getting into "Fast cars and whiskey, long haired girls and fun." I was working. Hoping to start a family.

In the Bible pearls are symbolic of the precious truth hidden in God's Word. Jesus said, "The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant man seeking valuable pearls." When he had found the greatest pearl, he paid everything he had for it. In reality, the pearl itself has no value other than in what it represents. It's kind of the same way with gold, which represents obedience. Maybe you've heard of the "Gold of Obedience." The funny thing is, our disobedience is what we often wind up trading for gold.

You know the old saying, "All that glitters is not gold." It's so easy for young people to believe that the pearl is what has value. How can they begin to learn that gold is superficial.

"Beware of the deceitfulness of riches." God's Word is an inexhaustible treasure house. The best things in life are free.

Do You Know that You Know Me

Do You Really Know Me?
Words M.St.Germain 2008 Music Traditional

You come to My house. Again and again.
Do you come to worship My Holy Name?
Are you learning about Me? In the Book of My Law.
You are My creation. The wonder of it all!
Are you sure your listening, when I come to call?
Do you know you know Me? Do you know that you know Me?
Do you really know all.

Are you my disciple? What is your goal?
Am I the Master. Of your heart and soul?
Can you overcome. The world and it's snares?
Without My spirit. How would you fare?
Are you sure your listening, When I come to call?
Do you know you know Me? Do you know that you know Me?
Do you really know all?

Are you a slave? To the world and it's ways?
Would you be free? And be mine today?
Are you afraid? To stand for the right?
Just let Me help you. Come to the Light.
Be still and listen. I'll tell you again. I was there in the beginning. I'll be there in the end!

Make sure you're listening. When your name I call.
You won't want to hear Me. You won't want to hear Me. You won't want to hear Me.
Say, "I never knew all!

This is another remake of one of the great Don Williams hits.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting it Together

N E E D a J O B ?
" Don't leave any stone unturned."

During the great depression of the 1930's, there were hordes of people out of work. Panic was everywhere. Of course the same thing happened naturally to a lesser extent every so many years before and since. Looking back we can see the country was still young and there was still lots of room to grow. After 10 years of depression and the government trying to fix things, it was WWII that really got us going.
While some people were jumping out of high rise windows, killing themselves because their money was gone, others were finding opportunities. In fact there are a lot of good solid companies that were started and built at that time that are still strong today.

No matter what happens, the trees will still keep growing, certain things will still be needed. Certain services will still have to be provided. People will still need food and shelter and transportation. Some things will even increase in demand. It's a little more serious now because everything has been overbuilt. Especially here in this country, and with all this globalization, it's hard to imagine that we will maintain our so called standard of living. This is all the more reason to re-assess and re-evaluate your situation.

I've had an ongoing ad through the Dept. of Labor for the last 4 months for a journeyman arborist with a minimum of 5 years professional experience. $20.00 an hour depending on experience. 3 people have called, none of them were even close to being qualified. I try to give them council and advice though. People can really get desperate, I'm sure you know about the crime and the gangsters they had during the 30's.

Before you give up I hope you will listen to reason. Here are some common sense solutions to begin with.

Number One: Get your butt in gear! If you really want to get a job, get busy, "Your days of idleness are over." You say, "There's nothing to do." Nonsense, there's alway something to do. "There's no excuse for doing nothing." "The only thing worse than doing nothing is watching TV, at least if you're doing nothing you might be thinking." Get in the habit of getting up and eating breakfast and doing the work that's in front of you, everyday. Staying up at night tends to depression. "Despair is a poor excuse for not having a sense of purpose, and having a sense of purpose is the best way to avoid despair." Naturally the work for the day might be looking for a job. If you've done everything you can think of that could possibly need doing, start studying. Yes this is work too. There's no time to waste, "There's only two kinds of people, those who study and those who watch television." Improve yourself every way. Be prepared. If you think you can sit around until some wonderful perfect job comes along, forget it, those days are over. Besides, what you imagine to be the perfect job is probably no such thing. It is likely just a miserable way to make money and abandon your family.

The competition is getting tough. Who do you think is going to win? If you really want to work, think and act like someone with ambition and work ethic. I know this is disagreeable with a lot of people because they have spent there life learning that there is no dignity in labor. Real work is something to be avoided. We are all too smart for that now. Work is for the lower classes.

Number Two: Think, imagine, dream. "Imagination is more valuable than knowledge." Einstein. "The greatest task of civilization is to teach people to think." Edison. You might have to think outside the box to get past the competition. Otherwise you might have to make your own job. Don't get involved in wild speculation. Concentrate on necessities. Things people need. Avoid novelties, ornaments, and gimmicks. Stick with the basic affordable staples of the common people.
If you are reading this you could be one that can't seem to find anything and running out of time. "Don't worry, be happy." Think positive. Be thankful.

Number Three: Have faith. In a way you might say this should be first. It's easy to go from one extreme to the other when it comes to faith and work. You cannot please Him without faith. Hebrews 11 : 06. In a way though faith is work. You could say the same about Love. Love is faith ( work ) in action. If you ever get confused, remember this to get your priorities straight.

The four basic priorities of life. In order of importance. Work, Church, School, Play.
Everyone works whether they go to church or not. Church is essential for children, fellowship, worship, family, education. "Children should grow up learning the Holy Scriptures, this will make them wise unto salvation." II Timothy 3 : 15. School is just an extension of church. Play is incidental. Too many have it all backwards, thinking that work and school are what you do so you can go play.
What would you think if I said that God really exists, and more than that He is in complete control of everything. Why is the world in such a mess? Most people don't really believe this, and they don't know Him. "God has a thousand ways to provide for us of which we no nothing." The fact is most people just need to be poor, but "It ain't necessarily so." You don't have to be.
Remember, "God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him." Hebrews 11 : 06.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Believe in Love

I Believe in You
Words M. St. Germain & traditional. 2009 Music traditional
I don't believe technology. Can save the world or make us free.
I don't believe that we will find. The answer in our human minds.
That man evolved from lower forms. Or some chaotic cosmic storm.
That we can live in harmony. Until we gain the victory.

But I believe in Love. I believe Your Word. I believe in family. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

I don't believe we'll know true Love. Without the Wisdom from above.
I don't believe the words of men. Unless they rhyme with Your Commands.
That Truth belongs to any group. We have to see the living proof.
And I am just an ordinary man. At least I know just where I stand.

But I believe in Love. I believe in music. I believe in miracles. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

I know with all certainty. What's going on with You and me. Is a good thing.
It's true. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

I can't believe that we've survived. With all the evil things we've tried.
I can't believe we are so blind. You've saved the world so many times.
Even though we curse Your Name. You want to save us all the same.
I don't believe that You'll be back. 'Till all Your Words have come to pass.

But I believe in Love. I believe in goodness. I believe in children. I believe in You.
Yes I believe in Love. I believe in babies. I believe in Mom and Dad. ...AND,


This is a remake of a song that was a big hit for Don Williams about 40 years ago.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Morality vs. Human Ethics

The Human Problem
The Great Controversy over Good and Evil

"Every problem has it's base in false religion. Every false religion is based on humanism."

Every war in history has been essentially a religious war of one kind or another. This has pretty much become the understanding of most people today, since we have so much historical information available, and of course the world news.

This knowledge, no doubt has contributed considerably to the fast growing humanist movement in the world today. If we could just get away from crazy people and their crazy religions. You've seen the bumper sticker that says, "Please Lord, save me from your followers!" Or, "The worst terrorists are always on a mission for God!"

Like I said, "Every false religion is based on humanism." We are the problem, not God or His Word. People have always been ready to put their faith in the rich and the educated, the kings and the priests and the "doctors of divinity", instead of reading the simple Word for themselves. "Prosperity produces a mass of professors." "Prosperity is the most dangerous thing to spirituality." The poor Natives in spite of all their warmongering had more true religion.

When Israel demanded a King so they could be like the other nations. This was humanism coming in to the church. Samuel told them too that they had rejected God for a man. This is what history should teach us, that all the great intellectuals, the teachers and preachers, kings, and gurus that lead the people astray and instigated war were giving the people what they wanted. Someone to believe in. After everyone takes sides there's hardly anyone left who can think for themselves.
Obviously Humanism leads to heathenism. Human solutions are inadequate. "The problems we now face cannot be solved at the same level that created them." A. Einstein.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

RemBranch Location

Tree Care by Design
Design Systems for Arboriculture and Silviculture

To begin with I want to tell you what I mean by design. I'm going to leave myself wide open and let you know where I stand in the current raging evolution vs. intelligent design debate.
Intelligent design is how we want to do everything, as opposed to haphazard, chaotic, careless, greedy, lawlessness. This includes everything from marriage and family, to safe, efficient, sustainable tree care practices. This of course, requires work. We do not believe we can just let Nature take care of herself, (Although, given enough time as with the wilderness and the natives of old, She does a better job.) and escape the work assigned to us.
In 33 years of tree service we have designed the best sustainable systems for small scale independent arborists and foresters. Of course this is only the beginning.
True religion begins with stewardship. Stewardship begins with;
Responsibility for God's creation. This responsibility begins with;
Environmental awareness. This begins with;
Education. True education begins with;
Silviculture. The care of the forest.
The forest is where everything begins.
Which came first, the trees or the soil? Nearly everything here, including the planet itself, is irreducibly complex. Why do you think after light and water and air, everything was created in a few days? Nothing would survive any longer without all the other creatures and systems in place. This is just plain common sense. Anything else is fantasy.

In the very beginning God said to take care of the forest, to "...dress it and keep it." Trees are the most important, first priority. Without good, strong, healthy, diverse, forests, there is no hope for anything else. This is still our assignment and our greatest challenge.

This is the mission of Woodland Stewardship Institute. To train qualified arborists and foresters and send out these disciples to implement the best sustainable systems for arboriculture and silviculture all over the world!

Beginning with Arboriculture. There is a growing demand for qualified arborists. No matter what happens with the economy and the job market, the trees keep growing, and dying.

Before I go any further I want to detail What Sustainable Is.

First: Training. To me this is the first rule of sustainability. Whatever you are doing, it is crucial to allow time and budget for safety and skills training. Naturally you start with the young. The future depends on it.

Second: Preserve, and protect, and promote the resource. I'm talking about nurture, not neglect. Helping Nature rebuild. Nature will do this on her own if left alone 500 or 1000 years. With quality thinning and mulching, 5 or 10.

Third: Utilization. There is a product and a use for every size and type of wood.

Fourth: Minimize equipment, maximize people. We climb trees very competitively, and often more so, with ropes. The horse is the most efficient, effective tool, if you consider the quality results. Of course this creates many more quality jobs, that will of a necessity require special training.

Fifth: Promote independence. You cannot qualify a conglomerate.