Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting it Together

N E E D a J O B ?
" Don't leave any stone unturned."

During the great depression of the 1930's, there were hordes of people out of work. Panic was everywhere. Of course the same thing happened naturally to a lesser extent every so many years before and since. Looking back we can see the country was still young and there was still lots of room to grow. After 10 years of depression and the government trying to fix things, it was WWII that really got us going.
While some people were jumping out of high rise windows, killing themselves because their money was gone, others were finding opportunities. In fact there are a lot of good solid companies that were started and built at that time that are still strong today.

No matter what happens, the trees will still keep growing, certain things will still be needed. Certain services will still have to be provided. People will still need food and shelter and transportation. Some things will even increase in demand. It's a little more serious now because everything has been overbuilt. Especially here in this country, and with all this globalization, it's hard to imagine that we will maintain our so called standard of living. This is all the more reason to re-assess and re-evaluate your situation.

I've had an ongoing ad through the Dept. of Labor for the last 4 months for a journeyman arborist with a minimum of 5 years professional experience. $20.00 an hour depending on experience. 3 people have called, none of them were even close to being qualified. I try to give them council and advice though. People can really get desperate, I'm sure you know about the crime and the gangsters they had during the 30's.

Before you give up I hope you will listen to reason. Here are some common sense solutions to begin with.

Number One: Get your butt in gear! If you really want to get a job, get busy, "Your days of idleness are over." You say, "There's nothing to do." Nonsense, there's alway something to do. "There's no excuse for doing nothing." "The only thing worse than doing nothing is watching TV, at least if you're doing nothing you might be thinking." Get in the habit of getting up and eating breakfast and doing the work that's in front of you, everyday. Staying up at night tends to depression. "Despair is a poor excuse for not having a sense of purpose, and having a sense of purpose is the best way to avoid despair." Naturally the work for the day might be looking for a job. If you've done everything you can think of that could possibly need doing, start studying. Yes this is work too. There's no time to waste, "There's only two kinds of people, those who study and those who watch television." Improve yourself every way. Be prepared. If you think you can sit around until some wonderful perfect job comes along, forget it, those days are over. Besides, what you imagine to be the perfect job is probably no such thing. It is likely just a miserable way to make money and abandon your family.

The competition is getting tough. Who do you think is going to win? If you really want to work, think and act like someone with ambition and work ethic. I know this is disagreeable with a lot of people because they have spent there life learning that there is no dignity in labor. Real work is something to be avoided. We are all too smart for that now. Work is for the lower classes.

Number Two: Think, imagine, dream. "Imagination is more valuable than knowledge." Einstein. "The greatest task of civilization is to teach people to think." Edison. You might have to think outside the box to get past the competition. Otherwise you might have to make your own job. Don't get involved in wild speculation. Concentrate on necessities. Things people need. Avoid novelties, ornaments, and gimmicks. Stick with the basic affordable staples of the common people.
If you are reading this you could be one that can't seem to find anything and running out of time. "Don't worry, be happy." Think positive. Be thankful.

Number Three: Have faith. In a way you might say this should be first. It's easy to go from one extreme to the other when it comes to faith and work. You cannot please Him without faith. Hebrews 11 : 06. In a way though faith is work. You could say the same about Love. Love is faith ( work ) in action. If you ever get confused, remember this to get your priorities straight.

The four basic priorities of life. In order of importance. Work, Church, School, Play.
Everyone works whether they go to church or not. Church is essential for children, fellowship, worship, family, education. "Children should grow up learning the Holy Scriptures, this will make them wise unto salvation." II Timothy 3 : 15. School is just an extension of church. Play is incidental. Too many have it all backwards, thinking that work and school are what you do so you can go play.
What would you think if I said that God really exists, and more than that He is in complete control of everything. Why is the world in such a mess? Most people don't really believe this, and they don't know Him. "God has a thousand ways to provide for us of which we no nothing." The fact is most people just need to be poor, but "It ain't necessarily so." You don't have to be.
Remember, "God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him." Hebrews 11 : 06.

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