Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Believe in Love

I Believe in You
Words M. St. Germain & traditional. 2009 Music traditional
I don't believe technology. Can save the world or make us free.
I don't believe that we will find. The answer in our human minds.
That man evolved from lower forms. Or some chaotic cosmic storm.
That we can live in harmony. Until we gain the victory.

But I believe in Love. I believe Your Word. I believe in family. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

I don't believe we'll know true Love. Without the Wisdom from above.
I don't believe the words of men. Unless they rhyme with Your Commands.
That Truth belongs to any group. We have to see the living proof.
And I am just an ordinary man. At least I know just where I stand.

But I believe in Love. I believe in music. I believe in miracles. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

I know with all certainty. What's going on with You and me. Is a good thing.
It's true. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

I can't believe that we've survived. With all the evil things we've tried.
I can't believe we are so blind. You've saved the world so many times.
Even though we curse Your Name. You want to save us all the same.
I don't believe that You'll be back. 'Till all Your Words have come to pass.

But I believe in Love. I believe in goodness. I believe in children. I believe in You.
Yes I believe in Love. I believe in babies. I believe in Mom and Dad. ...AND,


This is a remake of a song that was a big hit for Don Williams about 40 years ago.

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