Saturday, April 24, 2010

Won't You be True

White Trash Wendy - I Love You
Words and Music - M. St. Germain - April 2008

Our daughter Miranda, helped me get started on this. We went to visit and when I came back from the store one time, someone had parked in my spot. Our Grandson Gideon just 3 then, came running out. "Grandad, White Trash Wendy parked in your spot." It sounded so funny the way he said it. She would always come out to her car for her smoke break. We never knew the poor girls name, but Miranda got a picture of her car. If you know Miranda she's so clever and original and somewhat explicit with her terms. When we got back home 300 miles, I finished the song. It's a kind of confisticated rockabilly melody.

I want to at least get these written down before they are lost. Since I've never recorded anything. I feel like I'm running out of time, since there's over 50 at this point.

When we put ourselves in His Spot, we make a god of ourselves, and we are left to our own devices. "God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble."

White Trash Wendy.
Always parks in My spot.
White Trash Wendy.
You used to be hot!

Now you're workin' overtime.
And you're gettin' nowhere.
Your car doesn't shine.
And you don't seem to care.

White Trash Wendy.
Where did you come from.
White Trash Wendy.
You were just havin' fun.

But it's all over now.
There's no ticket to ride.
Bad habits are cool.
Was just a big lie.

Pre - chorus:
White Trash Wendy.
Where did you go wrong?
Was it at school?
Or was it at home?
Is it really too late?
To learn a new song?

I don't care if you're rich or poor.
The things I've said.
Are worth so much more.
Don't you worry how it all will work.
Just take the time to put first things first.

White Trash Wendy.
You were too young to know.
What you thought was trendy.
Was just the wrong road.

Now you're just gettin' by.
There's no money to burn.
The lessons of life.
You're just startin' to learn.

White Trash Wendy.
It's too late to go home.
Yes children are spendy.
When you're all alone!

But you can make a U-turn.
You can get a new start.
You can read My Word.
And get out of the dark.

Pre - Chorus:
White Trash Wendy.
Where did you go wrong?
Was it at school?
Or was it at home?
Is it really too late?
To learn a new song?

I don't care where you've been.
You can build on the Rock.
You can be My friend.
Don't look back.
Hold your head up high.
Come on Wendy don't make me cry!

White Trash Wendy.
I Love you.
White Trash Wendy.
Won't you be true!

The Three Advents

Heart of Love
Words M. St. Germain 2008 Music M. St. Germain & Traditional

I came down in Love, and I touched you.
With true Love, I taught you the Way.
My Word has the power to save.

I gave you Love that was perfect and true.
I just hoped that you'd love Me too.

I came down in Love and I met you.
With My life I showed you the way.
The Living Word that saves.

I gave you Love that was perfect and true.
I just hoped that you'd Love Me too.
I just hoped that you'd Love Me too.

Soon I am coming, to your world again.
Will you be ready this time?
'Cause there's a whole lot of Love that is waiting for you.
Down deep in this heart of mine.
Down deep in this heart of mine.

Last Chorus:
I give you Love that is perfect and true.
I just hope that you'll love Me too.

I estimate this to be the best song I've done. You have to hear it to believe it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Like a Child

The Faith of a Child
Words M. St. Germain 2001 Music Traditional

I am meek and lowly of heart.
Come, learn of Me today.

Learn of Me, children learn of me,
Oh, learn of Me today.


I came from heaven, to show you all the way.
Yes, follow Me today.

Follow Me, children follow Me.
Oh, follow Me today.


I'm listening to those, that aren't afraid to pray.
Yes, talk to Me today.

Talk to Me, children talk to Me.
Oh, talk to Me today.


I want you to be, like a child today.
Yes, like a child today.

Like a child, like a child today.
As innocent as a child today.

Like a child, this is what you need.
I will give you the faith of a child.

This is a beautiful, wonderful, little song.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Everyone is called, few accept."

Don't Count Your Loses

My Uncle Dave is a precious character. My mother's little brother. He's ten years older than I am. He was and is the father figure in my life. He came home from Viet Nam and the Marine Corps in 1968. He carried a 150 lb. mortar pack and he only weighed 150. He survived two helicopter crashes and escaped death more times than anyone I'm sure, before, during and since that time. Someday I want to write his story. I was with him on some of those crazy adventures.

Why was he there? Fighting for this country, the first truly free republic?

His, and my mother's cousin Donald Mac Trent, served in Korea in 1951 - 53. The stories he can tell. He's in his 80's now. What an ordeal, they say it was worse than Viet Nam.

What for?

Their Uncle, my great Uncle, my Grandmother Cordelia's brother, Jack Trent was in the Marine Corps in WWII. Great Grandpa Trent lied about his age and got him in right before he turned 17! He served from the first invasion of Tarawa where they lost 1000 Marines the first day, clear through to the bombing of Hiroshima with the first atomic bomb. After all of that he had 57 pieces of shrapnel and lead retrieved from his body, besides those they never could extract. Until he died he could never make it through airport security!


Uncle Jack's father, my great grandfather, was Marion Francis Trent. One of his sons was Uncle Frank, or Francis Marion Trent. Do you know who Francis Marion was? He was one of the great heroes of the American Revolution. They called him the Swamp Fox. The British said, "The Devil himself couldn't catch Marion." Uncle Dave was called the Swamp Fox of the jungle. He flushed out the enemy.

Why did those men like George Washington and our brave founding fathers, attempt such risks for our Independence?

Great Grandpa Trent's father, my Great Great Grandfather was Crosby Trent. It's surprising to me, that I am starting to look like him in my old age. He was one of Lincoln's boys from Illinois. He was a wild man, even when he was old. He had several horses shot out from under him during the war. They had the Rebs chased clear down into Texas when news came that Lee had surrendered. Maybe you've seen the movie with John Wayne and Rock Hudson, "The Undefeated", based on the true story of the Confederate General Price (Hudson), who refused to surrender and escaped into Mexico. Well, needless to say, Crosby's group were a little excited, their superior officer, or inferior officer you might say, mustered them out of the service, at least what was left of their regiment and sent them home. The problem was, he was supposed to check in at the main headquarters, in Missouri I think it was. He found out later he was listed AWOL, and as a result he never got his back pay or his pension.

What was that great struggle really about? More Americans were killed in the Civil War than all the other US wars combined. At the battle of Cold Harbor in 1864, Grant lost 3000 men, in 22 minutes. In the North they lost 10 percent of the males age 18 to 40. In the South it was over 30 percent. Many wanted to totally exterminate the aristocratic slave power and culture of the South in retribution. If not for Abraham Lincoln they would have. As it is, that war went on for another 100 years until 1963 when John F. Kennedy was shot. They were still lynching blacks in the early 1960's. Actually, it is still going on. I hate to think of the barbarism that would have taken place without the example and influence of "Father Abraham".

My maternal grandfather, Bert Carr, we followed his lineage all the way back to Roger Williams, in the early 1600's. I just discovered that Sarah Palin is also a descendant. When you go back 400 years nearly anyone could possibly be. Grandpa Carr was also Pennsylvania Dutch and French Canadian Indian. Remember Roger Williams was ostracized and survived the winter with the Indians. This is no doubt why my mother has always had the long, thick, course, black, hair and brown eyes, the prettiest thing you ever saw, when she was young. I also have some French and Indian on my Dad's side. I would like to have a DNA test done to see how much Negro blood I have. I think there is some on my Dad's side. So you can see, I am very much a true blooded American! Roger Williams envisioned and started the first real experiment in religious liberty. It is truly amazing that we accomplished true freedom in the founding of our country and the design of our constitution. Williams rightly claimed that the first tablet of the Ten Commandments should not be dictated by anyone, especially the government.

What really created this quest here for personal freedom of conscience and equality?

To really answer the question, I'm going to go back even farther. Great Grandfather Trent and his wife Lena, had eleven children. They also took in a few others as their own during the Great Depression. Another one of their grandchildren is Aunt Carol, my mother's cousin of course. She married a good Mormon boy, Gordon Stewart. He always bragged about how his ancestors came over on the Mayflower with the Pilgrims. Carol started investigating the genealogy on the Trent side, and found out that our ancestors owned the Mayflower! They were Scotsmen that helped finance the Pilgrims and the boat to come to America.

This brings us to the very basis of our reason for being here in this great country. It all started with Guttenberg's invention of the printing press in 1436. The light was going to start to shine after the darkest time in earth's history. For the first time in almost a thousand years, people would start to read God's Word for themselves! The Pilgrims, the Puritans, the Huguenots, the Mennonites, the Amish, etc. all would give their lives for freedom of conscience. That's how convicted they were with the knowledge they gained from having the Bible in their own hands and in their own language.

Now I want to be more specific, and tell you some more interesting history to explain WHY I AM HERE.

I remember my Great Grandfather Trent. I was 8 when he died at 88, in 1963. He was an irascible old preacher. He never smoked or drank. He was an original Seventh Day Adventist. His first child, Aunt V, was born in California when he was logging in the Sequoia Redwood forest, in 1900. Here's the story I heard from my Grandmother's knee. Marion and Lena lived in a cabin in the logging camp with their new little baby, 15 miles from the nearest little town. It was so wild and remote, they had a hard time keeping their food away from the lions and the bears. They cut the biggest trees there and those that are left are still the biggest in the world. The first time they were ready to fall a big tree, after they had arrived, they sent someone to town 15 miles away to warn them to take the dishes down from the cupboards so they wouldn't break. Lena had a lot of dishes broken then, apparently she didn't think they were serious. Later they would have a dance on the stump (some were 30 ft. diameter!)to celebrate.

Here is another story. Marion was a short stout Englishman. After lunch when it was time to get back to work. Someone would jump up, grab the peavey, and yell, "Whose afraid of the butt." They would scurry on each side of a heavy butt log and see who could roll the log against the other man. It didn't matter how big and strong they were, no one could get him down because he was short and quick and he'd get his shoulder under the peavey. The old loggers were a rough tough, hard working, hard drinking bunch.

Why do you suppose Marion Francis Trent gave up drinking, fighting, and gambling? Lying, cheating, and stealing?

1900, was also the year Ellen White came back from Australia where she spent several years establishing Avondale College. She lived at Elmshaven in Saint Helena California until she died there at almost 88, in 1915. She is considered by millions to be a true prophet. She is the most widely translated female author. She received over 2000 visions. Her work began at the outset of the worldwide Advent Movement in the 1840's when she was just 16. For seventy years her primary work was to bring people back to the knowledge of the simple truth of the Bible. God gives specific tests in His Word to know a true prophet. The most obvious and essential, that they agree with Moses and the Ten Commandments. This was the mission of every prophet in history, to bring the people back to the basics of all truth. This was especially true of the Messiah. Here then is one of her quotes, give or take, "If the people would have just read the Bible for themselves, my life's work would not have been necessary." Any competent 5th grader can read the Bible and understand the basics of truth. "Every problem is based in false religion, every false religion is based on humanism." It's always been easier for people to believe in a man.

Of the eleven plus Trent brothers and sisters. My grandmother, Cordelia, the second to the youngest was the only one baptized into the Seventh Day Adventist church. (On the same day as the second most powerful earthquake in history. Anchorage Alaska 1964.) All the others were absorbed into the California Philistine Culture. Most of them became alcoholics. Some of the boys died of alcoholism before their father.

Bert and Cordelia had four children. Uncle Dave, mentioned above, has been smoking and drinking all his life. His older brother Uncle Jim, started smoking and drinking when he was 12 or so. He died from lung cancer at the ripe old age of 57. My mother discovered Ellen White's book, "Great Controversy" in her mother's library in 1958, when she came back home, after my Dad left on his quest for women and horses. This was when I was about two. This was also the beginning of my education in health and fitness. Grandpa Trent's preaching started to make sense to her.

I had a half brother 6 years younger. He took his own life when he was just 40. A victim of drugs and alcohol. I also have his brother 9 years younger than I am. He managed to escape the drug and alcohol business after spending time in prison and boot camp. Now he is a very successful, professional, responsible family, man in a foreman position. My little sister and I are very close and very conservative in the truth, in God's Word.

Now you know WHY I AM HERE. Don't count your loses. "The Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two edged sword." "No matter where you've been, it's never too late to get started on the right road." All we have to do is take Him at His Word.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Miranda, Sarah, Violet

Three Little Girls
Words M. St. Germain 2005 Music Jimmy Driftwood

The last post reminded me of this one. Thought that while I was at it. Here you go. It's a lively tune.

Three little girls lived up in the hills.
We'll have fun and away we go.
Without much money and not many frills.
In the mountains of Northern Idaho.

Well they grew up good and they grew up strong.
We'll have fun and away we go.
They worked with their Daddy all day long.
In the woods of Northern Idaho.

Then off to college they did commence.
We'll have fun and away we go.
Yeah those three girls had pretty good sense.
In the State of Northern Idaho.

Now you all can guess what happened there.
We'll have fun and away we go.
The boys they all began to stare.
At the University of Idaho.

Well they each found a boy just like there Pa.
We'll have fun and away we go.
The best thing about girls is son-in-law's.
All in the State of Idaho.

Now even more fun than all of this.
So much fun and away we go.
Is when I get a new grandkid.
In the mountains of Northern Idaho.

Work and Play

Grandad's Sawdust Mountain
Sung to Big Rock Candy Mountain
M. St. Germain 2008

I made this up for the grandkids when they come to play (work) with me.

On Grandad's sawdust mountain.
We love to work and play.
He makes the trees into boards.
Yes, we'll know how they got that way.

In the woods on Grandad's mountain.
The horses work today.
The limbs are cut into cords.
And the logs they drag away.

The trees on Grandad's mountain.
Are cared for the right way.
The best are left to make some more.
And the weak we'll saw today.

The folks around Grandad's mountain.
Don't know that it's all play.
They think that work is just a chore.
And that Grandad likes the hard way.

Monday, April 5, 2010

"The Great Don Germain"

"Last Ride"
Life and Times of Don Germain

I wanted to do this on my Dad's birthday also. I just found the copy though. So here is another of my poems I want to write down for posterity. I lay awake all night, the night before the funeral, (gathering) dreaming up this poem, in my head. I tried to share it at the gathering the next day, but I couldn't get through it. It's all true!

He started out back in 1935.
His Mamma's first born son.
She was glad they were alive.
In Leavenworth Washington.

He rode that one out in perfect style.
Healthy, strong, and smart.
He would always make her smile.
And never be far from her heart.

With hardly a second spare.
He finished his high school education.
Then he left town without a cheer.
The same night of his graduation!

He liked hard work, and he loved to ride.
The world was waiting, he HAD to go.
He learned the plumber's trade.
And he followed the rodeo.

Now ridin' that rough stock, he went all the way.
Bulls and broncs on down the line.
Till time caught up with him one day.
His last wild ride was in 1969.

But he never quit, there was plenty to do.
Bull doggin' and ridin' and ropin' you see.
He won the world championship too.
Team roping, in 1983.

Just 20 years later, in the summer of 2003.
While working and performing, he would not stop.
He heard the doctors say, he could not believe.
Two months is about all you've got!

He was going down he knew he wouldn't last.
But there was so much to do.
He had to take care of things, present and past.
Before this ride was through.

There was the last project, that had to be done.
He built his own wooden pine box.
Then there was his last drive to town.
That scared us all a hell of a lot!

There was the last time on his feet.
We cried to see him fallen.
Friends came from all around, with calls and letters sweet.
Then the Master came a callin'.

He planned everything so very careful. A gathering it would be called.
You know he had a lot of pride.
With a riderless horse and buckboard, to the graveyard to be hauled.
Would this be this cowboy's last ride?

Now we all wait to be re-united and we know that it's true.
While our tears we cannot hide.
In heaven and the earth made new.
Where there'll be NO LAST RIDE!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Change of Direction

Change of Heart
Are you just another animal following the herd?

We have a beautiful Percheron-Belgian gelding we named Leonardo da Vinci. His mama we named Mona Lisa. What would you expect, when they are working for Rembrandt Tree Care. Leonardo is the ideal work horse, about 1500 lbs, not too hard to get on and ride, thick stout legs, and short pasterns. He is also the bully, being the biggest. You've heard about the pecking order, well Leonardo has been at the top ever since he outgrew his mother. What do you do with a bully? This is just the natural order of things in the wild. So, what do you do with the tyrant? He has to learn his manners, right? Should you try and bring him down a notch or two? When I throw out their hay he kicks all the others away. Obviously he doesn't care if they starve. What do you think?

This reminds me of a story about Abraham Lincoln. In the middle of the war and all of the perplexities he had to deal with, one of the most powerful and belligerent governors came with a lot of baggage. No one wanted to deal with him and they reluctantly let him see the president. After he left in a couple of hours one of his cabinet members said, "How did you handle that guy?" or something to that effect. Lincoln said, like he almost always did, "Let me tell you a story." Then he went on, "Back in Illinois a farmer found a big windfall in his field. It was too big to move, and too knotty for any good wood, so he just plowed around it. In the last two hours I plowed completely around governor so and so."

You never want to get in a fight with a horse, if you do, your going to lose! Horses are so much stronger and tougher than we are, and they have a tremendous capacity to access adrenalin, which makes them even ten times stronger. This reminds me of the old saying, "Sometimes it's a noble thing to fight evil, but this is not our job, our task is to bring more light." It's usually better to avoid the confrontation and redirect things, plow around so to speak. At the same time look for opportunities to enlighten the situation.

Horses do learn manners and respect, but they learn them from being around you, and your conduct. Sometimes you feel like cracking them over the head with a two by four. You can't retaliate. You can imagine what kind of a wild monster you would have after that. Too many raise their children like a tyrant and permissive at the same time, then they wonder what happened, when their kids start to turn into teenagers and there is a constant battle.

I've found I have to respect the bully and his position. In fact I give our relationship first priority. He's my best horse! I throw the hay to him first. Then I go around him. I spread the hay out in 6 or 7 piles. This gives the other two plenty of room to eat. There's nothing Leo can do to stop them. He soon gives up chasing them back and forth. Yes there are better ways to deal with the bullies. This goes along with the old axiom, "If you have bad blood to deal with in your community, the only solution is for stronger men to exercise their superior mental and spiritual ability, not just their physical strength." As soon as it becomes a physical contest, you ultimately have war!

Horses are creatures of habit, so are people. My Dad spent his life riding and training competition horses. He was an urban cowboy. Grew up in Los Angeles. He was good friends with Charlie Sampson, the first Negro world champion bull rider. Charlie grew up in the Watts district of L.A. The slum you might say. He started getting involved in rodeo to get away from the gang violence. Dad left Harbor City where he grew up there, on the same night of his high school graduation. He went to Nevada for many years. I was born near Lake Tahoe California on the Nevada border. Then he went to Idaho. I worked with him in Boise in the plumbing and excavating business, in the summers from 1969 to 1973. He lived exactly in the middle of Montana until he died, but he went back to the L.A. area in the winters. Harbor City is not far from Rolling Hills, which at that time was rated as one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country. They have more miles of bridal paths than they do streets and alleys. You can ride forever, all the way down to the beach, whatever. Don Germain was one of those self made men that could do anything he put his mind to, and do it better than most. EVERYONE else was an idiot. One of his favorite things to do there in the city was to impress the city slickers. When he was done riding every evening he knew exactly what his horses would do. There were often spectators who came to see real horses and riders. After he undressed the horses he would turn them out and yell, "Now, go roll in the dirt." (they were hot and sweaty) then he would say, "Now, go get a drink." Then, "Now, go eat your food." Of course some people were totally amazed that his horses understood English!

There's more to life than just learning. More even than always changing in the right direction. There has to be more even than just being a good person. Being a good person doesn't cut it. You need a change of heart. It doesn't matter how good or proficient you are, without the Holy Spirit, you are just pretending. In fact your proficiency could be dangerous. What good is it to be " and increased with goods." if you are lost? Jesus said, "Blessed are the poor, for their's is the kingdom of God." Without the simple faith of a child, we are just another animal.

The best trained world champion horse, is still just a horse, and only thinks about his own survival. Animals can learn manners, and tricks and even how to serve their master. There's a real irony here though, they are not sinners. Without a change of heart, people can be much worse than animals, thanks to the sin problem.

Here is a paraphrase of one of Mark Twains parables. "Do you know the difference between a dog and a man? If you take in a dog and give him all the privileges he never dreamed of, then you put him back out, because you realize he's just always gonna be a dog. HE DOESN'T BITE YOU !!! This is the difference between a dog and a man.

Do you know the real difference between us and animals? We were made in God's image. What difference does that make? The only picture God has given of Himself is the Ten Commandments. This tells us the difference. Jesus was the embodiment of the Law. What does it say? "Always put God first and always think of others." This requires the faith of a child. In fact Jesus said, "...except you become as a little child, you will in no way enter the kingdom of heaven."

This brings us to the real question. Are you really successful or are you just a good performer? Have you got it all together, or are you just an actor? Are you really a good person, or are you just doing a good job of pretending?

Without a change of heart you are not a good person, you're just a good animal. That is always fatal.

Life Is A Day

Now Is The Time
Words St. Germain and Traditional - Music M. St. Germain and Traditional 2008

Now is the time, for love and laughter.
The day will pass like summer storms.
The winter wind, will follow after.
But there is Love, and Love is warm.

Now is the time, to know your Maker.
It is the time, He's dreaming of.
Don't just be, another taker.
Now is the time, to know true Love.

There is a time, for us to wander.
When love is young, and so are we.
The trees are greener, over yonder.
The trail is new, the world is free.


There comes a time, when the leaves are fallin'.
The trees are grey, the trail is old.
The snow will come, the geese are callin'.
You'll need a fire, against the cold.


So do your roaming in the springtime.
Find your love, in the summer sun.
The frost will come, and bring the harvest.
And you will rest, when the day is done.


This is one of the best songs you've ever heard!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Don Germain 04-02-35 to 09-15-03 (age 68)

Cowboy Changes
Words M. St. Germain 2005 Music Traditional

Since this is my Dad's birthday, I thought it would be good to post this. Every word is true!

I've often wished time would slow down to a walk.
So me and my conscience could have a long talk.
But I've raced to the finish in life's crazy game.
Seeking this cowboy's fortune and fame.

I've left all my lovers and family behind.
I've broke so many hearts, time after time.

What have I won what have I gained.
Death leaves all men the same.
Now this cancer has gotten into my brain.
But I thank the Good Lord, I'm feeling no pain.
I have plenty to eat, and good water to drink.
But there's nothing to do, just lie here and think

Now that time has slowed down to a walk.
Me and my conscience must have a long talk.

Yes all of my life I've been independent and free.
Now my children have come to take care of me.
And my grandson too, a fine young man.
With his mother's help I'm able to stand.

But I've accepted the truth, and with every breath.
I praise God I have no fear of death.
The trophies I've gained the titles I've won.
Cannot compare to the gift of God's Son.

With the time I have left, I'll make peace with my brothers.
And get to know my sons and daughters.

Now that time has slowed down to a walk.
Me and my conscience must have a long talk.

Now they've moved me into the hospice room.
But I have an angel that keeps out the gloom.
Patricia's her name, she was sent from heaven.
She stays by my side 24/7.

It's a mystery to all why her love is so fair.
I've left her for others but she didn't care.
Patricia my angel, I was so blind.
Is it too late to claim you, forever as mine?

Sit here beside me, hold my one good hand.
Soon we'll all be together, in that promise land.

Now that time has slowed down to a walk.
Me and my conscience must have a long talk.

Great song. Have to record it someday. Worth millions and millions!