Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Work and Play

Grandad's Sawdust Mountain
Sung to Big Rock Candy Mountain
M. St. Germain 2008

I made this up for the grandkids when they come to play (work) with me.

On Grandad's sawdust mountain.
We love to work and play.
He makes the trees into boards.
Yes, we'll know how they got that way.

In the woods on Grandad's mountain.
The horses work today.
The limbs are cut into cords.
And the logs they drag away.

The trees on Grandad's mountain.
Are cared for the right way.
The best are left to make some more.
And the weak we'll saw today.

The folks around Grandad's mountain.
Don't know that it's all play.
They think that work is just a chore.
And that Grandad likes the hard way.

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