Monday, April 5, 2010

"The Great Don Germain"

"Last Ride"
Life and Times of Don Germain

I wanted to do this on my Dad's birthday also. I just found the copy though. So here is another of my poems I want to write down for posterity. I lay awake all night, the night before the funeral, (gathering) dreaming up this poem, in my head. I tried to share it at the gathering the next day, but I couldn't get through it. It's all true!

He started out back in 1935.
His Mamma's first born son.
She was glad they were alive.
In Leavenworth Washington.

He rode that one out in perfect style.
Healthy, strong, and smart.
He would always make her smile.
And never be far from her heart.

With hardly a second spare.
He finished his high school education.
Then he left town without a cheer.
The same night of his graduation!

He liked hard work, and he loved to ride.
The world was waiting, he HAD to go.
He learned the plumber's trade.
And he followed the rodeo.

Now ridin' that rough stock, he went all the way.
Bulls and broncs on down the line.
Till time caught up with him one day.
His last wild ride was in 1969.

But he never quit, there was plenty to do.
Bull doggin' and ridin' and ropin' you see.
He won the world championship too.
Team roping, in 1983.

Just 20 years later, in the summer of 2003.
While working and performing, he would not stop.
He heard the doctors say, he could not believe.
Two months is about all you've got!

He was going down he knew he wouldn't last.
But there was so much to do.
He had to take care of things, present and past.
Before this ride was through.

There was the last project, that had to be done.
He built his own wooden pine box.
Then there was his last drive to town.
That scared us all a hell of a lot!

There was the last time on his feet.
We cried to see him fallen.
Friends came from all around, with calls and letters sweet.
Then the Master came a callin'.

He planned everything so very careful. A gathering it would be called.
You know he had a lot of pride.
With a riderless horse and buckboard, to the graveyard to be hauled.
Would this be this cowboy's last ride?

Now we all wait to be re-united and we know that it's true.
While our tears we cannot hide.
In heaven and the earth made new.
Where there'll be NO LAST RIDE!!!

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