Friday, April 23, 2010

Like a Child

The Faith of a Child
Words M. St. Germain 2001 Music Traditional

I am meek and lowly of heart.
Come, learn of Me today.

Learn of Me, children learn of me,
Oh, learn of Me today.


I came from heaven, to show you all the way.
Yes, follow Me today.

Follow Me, children follow Me.
Oh, follow Me today.


I'm listening to those, that aren't afraid to pray.
Yes, talk to Me today.

Talk to Me, children talk to Me.
Oh, talk to Me today.


I want you to be, like a child today.
Yes, like a child today.

Like a child, like a child today.
As innocent as a child today.

Like a child, this is what you need.
I will give you the faith of a child.

This is a beautiful, wonderful, little song.

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