Thursday, January 14, 2010

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Tree Care by Design
Design Systems for Arboriculture and Silviculture

To begin with I want to tell you what I mean by design. I'm going to leave myself wide open and let you know where I stand in the current raging evolution vs. intelligent design debate.
Intelligent design is how we want to do everything, as opposed to haphazard, chaotic, careless, greedy, lawlessness. This includes everything from marriage and family, to safe, efficient, sustainable tree care practices. This of course, requires work. We do not believe we can just let Nature take care of herself, (Although, given enough time as with the wilderness and the natives of old, She does a better job.) and escape the work assigned to us.
In 33 years of tree service we have designed the best sustainable systems for small scale independent arborists and foresters. Of course this is only the beginning.
True religion begins with stewardship. Stewardship begins with;
Responsibility for God's creation. This responsibility begins with;
Environmental awareness. This begins with;
Education. True education begins with;
Silviculture. The care of the forest.
The forest is where everything begins.
Which came first, the trees or the soil? Nearly everything here, including the planet itself, is irreducibly complex. Why do you think after light and water and air, everything was created in a few days? Nothing would survive any longer without all the other creatures and systems in place. This is just plain common sense. Anything else is fantasy.

In the very beginning God said to take care of the forest, to "...dress it and keep it." Trees are the most important, first priority. Without good, strong, healthy, diverse, forests, there is no hope for anything else. This is still our assignment and our greatest challenge.

This is the mission of Woodland Stewardship Institute. To train qualified arborists and foresters and send out these disciples to implement the best sustainable systems for arboriculture and silviculture all over the world!

Beginning with Arboriculture. There is a growing demand for qualified arborists. No matter what happens with the economy and the job market, the trees keep growing, and dying.

Before I go any further I want to detail What Sustainable Is.

First: Training. To me this is the first rule of sustainability. Whatever you are doing, it is crucial to allow time and budget for safety and skills training. Naturally you start with the young. The future depends on it.

Second: Preserve, and protect, and promote the resource. I'm talking about nurture, not neglect. Helping Nature rebuild. Nature will do this on her own if left alone 500 or 1000 years. With quality thinning and mulching, 5 or 10.

Third: Utilization. There is a product and a use for every size and type of wood.

Fourth: Minimize equipment, maximize people. We climb trees very competitively, and often more so, with ropes. The horse is the most efficient, effective tool, if you consider the quality results. Of course this creates many more quality jobs, that will of a necessity require special training.

Fifth: Promote independence. You cannot qualify a conglomerate.

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