Friday, January 15, 2010

Morality vs. Human Ethics

The Human Problem
The Great Controversy over Good and Evil

"Every problem has it's base in false religion. Every false religion is based on humanism."

Every war in history has been essentially a religious war of one kind or another. This has pretty much become the understanding of most people today, since we have so much historical information available, and of course the world news.

This knowledge, no doubt has contributed considerably to the fast growing humanist movement in the world today. If we could just get away from crazy people and their crazy religions. You've seen the bumper sticker that says, "Please Lord, save me from your followers!" Or, "The worst terrorists are always on a mission for God!"

Like I said, "Every false religion is based on humanism." We are the problem, not God or His Word. People have always been ready to put their faith in the rich and the educated, the kings and the priests and the "doctors of divinity", instead of reading the simple Word for themselves. "Prosperity produces a mass of professors." "Prosperity is the most dangerous thing to spirituality." The poor Natives in spite of all their warmongering had more true religion.

When Israel demanded a King so they could be like the other nations. This was humanism coming in to the church. Samuel told them too that they had rejected God for a man. This is what history should teach us, that all the great intellectuals, the teachers and preachers, kings, and gurus that lead the people astray and instigated war were giving the people what they wanted. Someone to believe in. After everyone takes sides there's hardly anyone left who can think for themselves.
Obviously Humanism leads to heathenism. Human solutions are inadequate. "The problems we now face cannot be solved at the same level that created them." A. Einstein.

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