Sunday, October 28, 2007

"The High Road to Heaven"

"The only way is to know Him."

Sometimes the road is rough and rocky.
and the mountains they are steep.

But I know I'm not alone.
my master always walks with me.

I often hear Him say "My child I'll always hold your hand.
and in your darkest hour. I will closely by you stand."


He has promised to go with me, and ne're forsake me here.
Though the storms may rage about me, He'll be there to calm my fear.

Fully on him I am depending, till I get to gloryland.
I'll reach my destination, for I know He holds my hand.

Verse 2
Sometimes it's hard to understand. When life starts getting rough.
When you think you're all alone, and you feel like giving up.

But I know that we should never worry, 'cause the Lord is on our side.
So let's learn to help each other, and just live to prove what's right.

Verse 3

Sometimes it's hard to understand. Why this world's in such a mess.
But I know that He is coming soon. So I'll just have to do my best.

To love the lord with all my heart, and my neighbor as myself.
To pray for those who hate me, that someday their hearts will melt.

words M. St.Germain and Traditional 1976. Music M. St.Germain 1976

Performed this song in the Troy SDA church 10-27-07. The first time it has ever been done in public in over 30 years! It went well with the Bible study and the fabulous sermon by Bill Shirley, who comes up from Lewiston once or twice a year with his lovely wife.
Bill had everyone's attention, even the children. Goodnight.

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