Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wood Stock Investments - part 2

Woodland Stewardship Institute

WSI & RTC - Benefits and Pension Plan

They say a good benefit package is worth about $10,000.00 a year. That's about $900.00 a month. Many settle for a mindless, meaningless, boring, monotonous slave job for 6 or 7 dollars an hour as long as good benefits are there. Along with guaranteed stuck in a rut steady work.
This has always been the problem with the tree business. Seasonal work. From the beginning I wanted to develop the woodworking, and blacksmithing, and carpentry. Anything to do with trees and wood. Anything to keep from being a starving tree trimmer. Well, I'm still dreaming. People on low wage jobs can be spending 40% of their time working for benefits. How many will have the discipline to come to work at the mill on days when the work is slow or the weather is bad for good solid wood? What good is wood?
What good is gold? You can't eat it. You can't build a house with it. Well, you could, but Heaven can wait.
I have always said, " The definition of a welfare case is, ' someone who won't work unless their paid." Back to that saying, " If making money is your first priority, your head is on backward." Everything has to be based on the " first and greatest commandment." God first.
I keep thinking of how to build a real quality company. There is a big difference between a one horse, family operation, where it's all about you and your equipment. Maybe hire some extra grunts during the season. And, having quality employees, quality programs, and quality customers. How can you do it all and compete?
First, take the time to read the first post about Wood Stock Investments below. That was over a year ago. Obviously anyone with money won't invest in a solid risk free enterprise that supports the local economy. They would be the laughing stock of all there big investment friends. It's all right to lose a million in a money market scheme in something with no real tangible value. How many millionaires can we support on sheer speculation and foreign exploitation?
So, this is my strategy. We have 2 crews going right now and in the slow time. Pretty soon we're too busy and we need 2 more crews. Where do you find good quality employees that want to work part time? You don't.
For years I've been trying to diversify. It's easier said than done. I could put one hundred people to work here with my ideas if I had the resources to get started. Everything to do with trees and wood.
I just realized, the solution is simple. When we are slow or the weather is too wet or windy to do tree work. Employees can work at the mill. Especially when we get a roof over it. Their time goes into Wood Stock. This of course will increase in value as we build the hardwood business. Also, they will have an unlimited supply of wood for their own use. To build a house or for their own wood shop. There are three basic things people will always need. Food, shelter, and heat. We are blessed to be in the middle of these. Money is just a distraction and will soon be nothing more than a figure on a screen.
This is farming. To keep working and producing regardless of pay. Some things cannot be bought. "A good reputation is worth more than gold."

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