Thursday, November 3, 2011

Animal Control

Woodland Stewardship Institute
"Aint Gonna Play War No More!"
"Control Freaks Always Loose Control"
Goodness tends to perfection.
Demand perfection and,
Goodness begins to go away.

Is there a better solution to the dog problems than 24\7 confinement? By the way, 24\7 confinement is inhumane and should be illegal. In fact this is the source of all the trouble. This is why dogs bark, and bite, and are out of control. They don't learn anything tied up. A dog that is on a leash or tether has to be considered dangerous. In other words the leash law is counter productive. This is serious. We need to pay attention here. Our society is going to the dogs, so to speak. There seems to be more and more people with more dogs that have no idea how to manage them. I see children and adults drug around by their dogs on a leash with no control. The more trouble they have the more they try to exercise absolute control, which of course is disastrous. Is there a better solution? Naturally, you know the familiar quote from Albert Einstein, "You cannot accomplish peace by force, it can only be achieved through understanding." It's time to quit playing war, and learn about getting along with true freedom.

To begin with, the number one problem is too many dogs. If you don't have time to teach and train and build a quality relationship, you need to downsize or eliminate your stock. Every dog we've had here we have been able to teach not to bark, not to chase the chickens, and to know their place, etc. It seems the large majority of people now are incapable of any of this. Part of the trouble of course is, they think this is what dogs are for. How pathetic. Mean barking dogs are for people who put their faith in mean barking dogs! Having a dog is like having a gun. Too many today aren't responsible enough to have either. There is no way you can justify disturbing your neighbors, disturbing the peace, or risking an attack or bite. A big problem here is, "Love is Blind". I hear this all the time. "Oh they won't bite." or "They wouldn't hurt a flea." While you are being accosted with deafening noise and barred teeth. Nonsense. Dogs are vicious carnivorous killers. Do you know how many people have been scarred for life, bitten by their own dog, or their friend's? You all know they're going to be protective. Here is another danger, "The smaller the dog, the sharper the teeth." Little kids should never be left unattended with the wienie dog!!!

Next. I find it hard to understand why people are so cruel. Why are they so worried that some animal other than their own would come in their yard? It's a fact that no matter what policy you adopt, your going to have loose dogs. If they are so worried, about visitors, why don't they put up a fence? Who do they think should camp in their yard and make sure nothing ever goes there!!! Neighbors need to be tolerant if you are going to have a healthy free society.

Now this is important. Puppies need to be free. This is the only way they can learn their boundaries, and to come and begin to learn basic manners. If the neighbors just get after them when they are little, they will learn not to go there.

How do they learn voluntary, unaware, complicity? In other words how do they learn to expect to be tied up without resentment? NEVER tie up a dog in anger or retaliation. This is the time I give my dog a special petting. He looks forward to that affection and he remembers it till I come back.

Now. Why can't dogs and people get along like they used to before all of our great so called intelligence came along? Why don't they address the real problem, confinement and neglect, and ignorance, instead of more Nazi control??? If you want to live like that, move to the big city where you belong! Dogs can be extremely dangerous and vicious. Do you really think a town full of confined, barking, neglected, over populated, uncontrollable dogs is safe? This is what the police should be concerned with. Not an occasional loose dog.

Do you get the picture? Control freaks are everywhere, and they cannot understand that a dog, especially your dog would ever be free. I know people that need to be locked up 24\7, but I am not aware of any animal that deserves it. Instead of being so worried about a dog that might be loose, as if that is the one and only big sin, look at the cause. I guarantee you will start to change things if you start turning people in for neglect instead. No one should have to live in a neighborhood full of incessant barking dogs that are complete freaks when they do get out. Officers should not hesitate to inform people that they are out of compliance when their dogs are neglected, overly confined, and uncontrollable.

If this kind of freedom sounds too scary for you and your dogs, just remember you are not likely to have any trouble if you just learn how to keep them quiet. That will be my next chapter. There are some simple tricks to learn. The most important is to never bark (yell) at your dog. You can always tell a good trainer by their voice.

Chapter 3 will be, TRAFFIC CONTROL. Is your dog streetwise? Should dogs be allowed on residential streets? It's inevitable!!! Small young children will invariably end up there unexpectedly too!!! Kids and dogs and horses are allowed on city streets!!! Streets are not just for speeding vehicles!!! Never apologize for making people slow down!!!

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