Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WSI-HOT part 2

Woodland Stewardship Institute
Free Networking with its,
World Wide Wood Registry
Apply now for your WSI-Wood Steward Identification #

The heart of this program, is all the thousands of independent portable sawmills around the world.
To get your bearings you need to read the previous post, WSI-HOT brand.
If you are a small company or just an independent wood collector, you will qualify for a WSI-Wood Steward Identification number. Actually, your personal number becomes part of the identification process. Your assigned number, along with either a B (date branded) number, or a harvest number that is simply the date, completes the exclusive identification.

This is the first level of qualifying criteria for B class collected wood; Small company, independent operator, salvaged wood, good utilization practices.

Example: Say you find a beautiful Oak that someone has toppled. You are able to acquire it for your mill or wood shop, before it is cut up for firewood. You sealed the deal and start loading today. The WSI-Wood Source Identification number would be; Your personal Wood Steward I.D. number,  plus the date like this, (I'll use mine) - mocc001---B-03-20-12. - That's it! That's how simple it is, but of course there's more. The B means, date branded, in other words it's not necessarily the harvest date. It might even be wood that is hundreds of yrs. old that you have found and salvaged. It also means B class because there's no back story, only your story of being a small independent wood collector.
Actually you could still have a story with reclaimed wood that would qualify.

I recommend a daily log book, or journal to keep a hard copy until you can enter the data onto our data base. You log into your account, mine would be mocc001 (7 alpha or numerical characters. Just like personalized lic. plates.) Enter what you have and the date. There will be user friendly boxes for the date, species, dimensions, number of pieces, price, storage lot, etc.
Even if this particular wood is not for sale, you can still use our system to keep track of your inventory. Also, the date is valuable for most any buyer because it shows how seasoned the wood is. Obviously, you have to delete anything you sell or get rid of.

Now the rest of the story. To have an A classification, you have to have the whole story. This is what's exciting, especially in the light of sustainability. You can read the simple common sense criteria here; http://wonderfulwood.blogspot.com/2007/12/world-wide-wood-registry.html.
This is critical for high profile exotic rare trees and wood, and for the quality craftsmen who want to guarantee that they use wood from an authentic WSI-Wood Source of Integrity.

Example: Now the number is exactly the same format except the B is not there. Anyone that enters that number - mocc001 - 03-20-12 into our program on our website will get the whole story!!! This is simple enough that the number can easily be branded or stamped or carved or whatever on the wood, or in an inconspicuous place, for example, under a table top. A simple WSI-HOT (only 7 characters for our website) may even be branded on the wood and left in places to be noticed, for example, wood flooring.

The other aspect of this program is to promote qualified, sustainable, safe, competent arborists and foresters. If you have a tree care company it will be impressive to display the fact that you have WSI qualified arborists on staff, and that you follow WSI utilization practices, and if you have a mill and collect the wood also, you would display your Wood Steward I.D. number.

Now remember, this service is absolutely free. Hopefully this will encourage a lot of participation, because the problem for small independent wood suppliers is, if they do find a market, they almost never can fill an order on their own. There's just way too many variables, especially in the hardwoods, and not many have seasoned hardwood in large dimensions. Our main objective is to network with other wood producers and use the system to sell our own wood. We sure don't want to collect from every other sale in the world and all the headache and taxes, that would involve.

On the other hand. Woodland Stewardship Institute will accept donations to help sponsor all of our endeavors to develop and maintain this program, and train young people and create sustainable satisfying jobs working with nature. WSI - What Sustainable Is.

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Skip Johnson said...

This is an amazing system, Mark! Simple, elegant, comprehensive, and with the perameters necessary for inventorying the woods of the world--either fresh cut, or reclaimed. In a world where wood resources, especially the exotic old trees and already harvested lumber (which may become as rare as ivory if mis-use and unsustainability of harvest continues as it is at present in some locations)is becoming more of a critical thing.

We live in the information age, and such careful use of resources is occurring in other realms of harvest of the natural world, too. In Hawaii, I heard that the great old blue fin tuna that are caught are now classified in something of the same manner while the fishing boats are still out at sea, and even auctioned off in their cuts before the boat ever reaches land. A single fish can go for $50,000.

Looks like you're doing something very similar, only for the rare woods of the world. This shows respect both for the natural resource itself, and also for encouraging both the correct use of rare woods, and their intelligent and sustainable continued harvesting.

You should be applauded for this effort. I do that here.

Skip Johnson, an old friend