Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oxygen Level

The First Law of Health

Do you know the seven laws of health, usually called the eight laws of health? They are physical laws. Facts of life, you might say. Yes, scientific facts, as a matter of fact. Everyone lives and dies according to their obedience to these laws. Of course you have to factor in your inherent genetic qualities, or lack of them. According to the Bible we are designed to live to 120 on a flesh diet. In spite of our degeneracy most people would still live to their 90's if they followed these rules their whole life.

The common sense objective is to remain relatively functional until you're 90 or so, and then keel over without too much trouble. It is a most wonderful thing to achieve old age, be an example of health and fitness and enjoy the dignity of years.

Right now I want to talk about the first law of health.Fresh Air.” I went to the doctor (Total Health Clinic) the other day. Something they seem to want you to do every once or twice in a while after you're 50. The first thing they had me do was put my finger in this harmless little device that reads your oxygen level, right through your fingernail! Mine was 99%. Not bad for an old wreck. A high oxygen level is important for so many things, especially for helping your resistance to disease. This was after they weighed me in at 150 lbs. I've weighed the same for almost 40 yrs. This is a really good indicator. Men when they mature and start to age, usually put on more weight in their chest and their head and nose and ears enlarge. My pulse was 60 and my blood pressure was 111 over 75. This is healthy like a teenager. Problem is, Rheumatoid Arthritis has been attacking me for 30 yrs. or more. They say there's no cure. It's an auto-immune disease, which basically means your body is attacking itself.

A doctor told me about 10 yrs ago that I needed to see the Rheumatologist, and gave me a prescription for some immune suppressant that's been banned since then. I've never taken anything, not even an aspirin or a vitamin. It's a real struggle for me to survive. Instead, I keep studying and learning and trying to practice the laws of health. I can still do most of the things I did 30 yrs. ago, but not for as long or as hard. I find I have to keep working it out. I feel it getting into my knees and ankles, and elbows, and I just keep working, hiking, playing tennis, etc. My shoulders are the worst. They've been trashed for 30 yrs.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about how to keep your oxygen level up. Fresh air is so vital, but how do you get it? There's a lot more to it than just having fresh air to breathe. [The best air is under the trees and by the water.] It really has to do with all the laws of health. Kind of like the moral law. They are all God's laws. "If you break one you break them all." James 2:10. Also, it's like the moral law in the sense that you'll never be done learning it. "Sanctification is the work of a lifetime."

Now, let's look at the laws of health from the perspective of, “How to get oxygen.”

First: Fresh Air. The single most important thing you can do for your health, especially if you live and work inside is: Sleep outside! Bedrooms should be aired at night and warmed during the day to keep away the mold. Then, of course you want to get out and expand your lungs everyday.

Second: Sunlight.

to be continued...

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