Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunlight - part one.

Here Comes the Sun
Surviving Summer

Have you noticed how people feel better and look better in the spring, as soon as they get some sun? Have you also noticed how many people are hiding from the sun and look pale and sick? Like walking corpses? Some are out in the sun and their nose and face and ears and arms are fried. Others like to get a tan by getting maximum exposure every day with the least amount of covering (in spite of what you might have been told these are not the ones getting skin cancer.) Is there any kind of common sense solution for dealing with the sun? People are dying like flies from all kinds of cancer, especially skin cancer.
Sunlight is the second law of health, after fresh air. There are seven laws of health. All accomplished optimally by what is sometimes called the eighth. That is attitude. These are real scientific facts of Nature. Given by God. The God of Creation is the God of all true science. So, is sunlight good for you or not? All life on this planet comes from the sun. There are exactly 100 rays of light. 100 elements in sunlight. Do you think this was an accident? The proportionate amount of all the elements are in sunlight. Yes, there is gold in the sun.
Here, I want to set forth my hypothesis. "If fresh air and sunlight are the first laws of health, then most diseases are the result of a lack of fresh air and sunlight." Remember though, you have to connect all the laws of health to maximize the best way to get fresh air and sunlight. I told this to a farmer friend of mine. He said, "Tell that to my nose." His nose, of course (like a lot of people who wear duckbill baseball caps), is falling off. Ears too, you can imagine. I said, "That's right, lack of sunlight. You're only getting sun on your nose and ears, no wonder they're fried." Those hats protect your eyes but your nose and ears are toast. The worst thing is, you don't get a tan on your forehead. The only thing that will protect you from the sun is a natural tan, natural exposure. That's right, either take all your clothes off, or stay out of the sun!
Seriously, we need to pay attention here. Cancer is near epidemic. In 1900 cancer rates had escalated to one in one hundred. This was very alarming. Now it's 1 in 3 approaching 1 in 2! Let's try to think this thing through. What has happened in the last 150 yrs. or so, with the beginning of the industrial age? What has grown and increased with all our so called progress? For one, fewer people get out in the sun everyday. More and more people living and working in a cave, or in an automobile behind glass and steel. Did you know glass, being harder than steel, blocks out some 30% of the sun's rays? Cancer is like a mushroom. It likes a dark steady atmosphere, sealed up with the heater or the air-conditioner, and the windows shut. I like to get out every day working and sweating and drinking water. No matter if it's cold or hot out. It's so important to stress and purge all your systems. Still, it can be deceiving because some people, no matter what they do, won't get cancer. Their genetics might have left them with other faults.
Along with this, as we all know, there is a continual build up of chemicals and pollutants. Just another reason we need fresh air and sunlight. The best thing for everyone, especially kids, is to be out in the sun and the good clean dirt. With no clothes! Instead, kids wear their baggy T shirts and sunscreen (5 ingredients in sunscreen have been found to cause cancer).
They don't tan and their faces start turning red at 13. They will spend the rest of their lives getting sunburned. They say the average American now spends more than 90% of their time inside! Then the experts tell us the sun is killing us. Most people are brainwashed to think the sun is changing and becoming more toxic. Hey, there are still plants and animals and people everywhere that are out in the sun everyday, all day, NAKED!!!

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