Monday, September 21, 2009

Tree ditty

Trees are Wonderful Things
Words and Music - M. St. Germain - 1990
Trees are wonderful things.
They keep things bright and green.
They protect us from the weather and all.
Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall.
Some folks say, who needs trees.
Who has time to rake those leaves.
Cut the care and fertilizer.
Cut the tree and get an air-conditioner.

Hey, trees are wonderful things.
They make the air pure and clean.
They insure a home for every creature.
And that includes you, you can be sure.
Some think they can live apart from Nature.
And don't give a hoot about the other Creatures.
Spoil the land for money and ease.
Oh well, some day we'll have plastic trees!

Trees are wonderful things.
They could supply all of our needs.
Trees are the answer to the problems we face.
Gas and oil have a dangerous fate.
Every road with noise and pollution.
Should be lined with trees. The best solution.
Care for your forests and care for your trees.
They're not anyone's to do as they please.

Hey, trees are wonderful things.
Think about the life they bring.
'Cause when the land dries up and blows away.
You know it will be too late to say.
Trees are wonderful things.

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