Monday, September 21, 2009

Trees are the Solution

Trees are What's Important !
Everything depends on good Silviculture

I know I sound like a broken record sometimes. I've always said everyone's favorite thing is, building soil, whether they realize it or not. Everyone likes to eat and be healthy, right. Well I just changed my mind. Obviously good farming is important, but we won't do anything without trees. What I'm saying is, everything actually depends on good forestry. Without trees all you will have is sand. You can't grow anything in sand. Which came first, the soil or the trees? Trees create and protect soil. The whole planet and everything in it is irreducibly complex. Nothing survived millions of years without trees or soil or eyes for that matter.
In recent years there has been this campaign to tear out the dams. Mainly to save the salmon. Who's going to pay for it and all the restoration I would like to know. The dams aren't the problem. It's what we are sending down the river. The chemicals and the pollution and the sediment. What's wrong with doing quality logging and farming? Is that too radical?
Many scientists now are saying that the biggest most important thing we could do to reduce carbon emissions is to farm organically without artificial fertilizer. Is that too radical?
I've been involved in doing quality logging with horses for over 25 years. You have to get out of your car and walk through the woods to tell we've been there. I'm not aware of any kind of true natural selective logging being done anywhere around here. Maybe in a few private woodlots around the country. 99% aren't foresters at all. They're just equipment operators and mechanics. It's against their religion to do anything manually. When you can see what they've done from 5 or 10 miles away it should tell you something. If you are going to do real quality restoration forestry and leave a diverse forest behind, the horse is the best tool. This would create jobs for more people and less for machines. Too bad it's just too radical. We'll just spend a few billion and dismantle the dams and replace them with big freeways. At least it wouldn't be considered too radical. Think of the short term millionaires it would create. Of course they would all be good environmentalists.
Speaking of environmentalists. What have they done? Do you see them out there showing us good stewardship practices? "Environmentalism without faith is phony." They don't believe in any kind of Biblical stewardship. Horses aren't supposed to work, neither are people! We are just another animal. It's okay though to play god. We can create robots or chemicals to do our work for us. The industrialists are raping the hell out of northern Idaho. The only thing environmentalists have done is put small quality operators like myself out of business. They carry on one campaign after another to save the fish, save the birds, save the wolves, etc. WHAT ABOUT THE TREES !!! We aren't going to have anything without trees.
Most of our farmland is totally dependent on chemicals and nitrogen. Without them nothing will grow. The only thing that will grow is trees.
Every unproductive piece of ground, every place that's too wet, every roadside, every creek bank, should be growing a wide variety of trees. One of the reasons they aren't is because some evolutionist wants only native plants that were there before. The desert has to stay a desert, nonsense. We need more trees. Some of these intellectuals are the same ones who had the bright idea to bring Spotted Knappweed over here from Australia to control erosion!
I've always said, artificial fertilizer is the single worst invention that has happened. For years now, most people would say that it is the greatest thing that ever happened. This is how we are able to feed the world, hooey. This is how we are destroying the world. They are using NPK worldwide. Everyone is adopting our great American farming practices. How wonderful. No one has to be a small farmer.
This is by far the largest producer of carbon emissions. Plowing and NPK. Nothing else comes close. I still say the problem with the world is, no one wants to be a poor subsistence farmer and no one wants anyone else to be a poor subsistence farmer.

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