Sunday, May 16, 2010

II Thessalonians 2 : 10 & 11

Open the Book
Words and music - M. St. Germain - 2002

Do you love the Truth?
Do you hate a lie?
Do you know the difference?
Can you tell me why?

It seems right to me.
It may seem right to you.
Everyone does it.
What does it prove?

He made the world.
And He gave us His Word.
He knows what works.
Is it too hard to learn?

Open the Book.
Take a good look.

Do you know the Son?
Who came to die?
Do you know the One?
Who cannot lie?

He did the will.
Of His Father above.
He came to show.
What is true Love.

He kept the faith.
Of the prophets of old.
He's our example.
So we've been told.

Open the Book.
Take a good look.

Can you see the light?
Shining through His Word?
The Truth is as sharp.
As a two edged sword.

Don't be confused.
With excuses men make.
The message is clear.
Make the way straight.

Don't be deceived!
He is coming again!
Beware of pretenders!
Using His Name!

Open the Book.
Take a good look.

If you love not the Truth.
You'll believe a lie.
The counterfeit is hard.
To recognize.

Sugar is sweet.
So is candy they say.
But straight is the gate.
And narrow the way.

So study His Word.
And learn all you can.
This is the answer.
To follow God's plan.

Open the Book.
Take a good look.

Wait till you here the music.

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