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Laws of health - Laws of Nature

The Call of the Wild
"The voice of one crying in the wilderness." What's wrong with Natural?

Do you know the last verse of the Old Testament? "....before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord, I will send the prophet Elijah." Do you remember in Luke 1 : 17, before John the Baptist was born, it was prophesied that he would come " the Spirit and Power of make ready a people, prepared for the Lord"?

I'm sure most would agree that "...the great and dreadful day of the Lord." is the second coming. To me, that makes this prophecy more significant today, than it was at the first.

What was the Spirit and Power of Elijah? It's the Strait Testimony against false worship, given again, of course, in Revelation.

Just what is this false worship? 666, six is man's number, 3 and 7 are God's. 666 is man in place of God. We worship ourselves. "God made man upright, but he has sought out many inventions." Eccl. 7 : 29. Obviously we are farther now, with all of our great man made religion, than we have ever been, from Natural.

So, now, you will not be surprised when I tell you that the Aborigines had more true religion than any of us. They lived in the wilderness in complete harmony, without any possessions or tools, plum naked! Their only tool was a fire, they didn't even have a knife. They could sleep outside naked, bedded down like animals, generating heat while they slept. Believe it or not, many of them have decided to become extinct, rather than live in an artificial violent world. "Civilized is just another word for un-natural." Some speculate this is what God's people were doing before the flood when "...the earth was filled with violence." That is why only one family went into the ark, and that only because of one man, who commanded his family after him, Noah.

What was so special about John the Baptist?

To begin with, he was a Nazarite, like Samson, Samuel, Jesus, Paul, and many others. Eventually there were whole tribes of Nazarites. What was so special about the Nazarites? They were STRONG. They were men of principle and self control. They were to be, mentally, physically, and spiritually strong.

Do you know the Nazarite prescription for health and strength, given by God? It was usually given at conception, so it applied to the mother also. Essentially it amounted to; eat real food and drink water. No alcohol, no juice, no fruit from the vine, no unclean animals. This shows how critical it is to learn these things when you're growing up. When you came of age, you could give up the Nazarite oath, cut your hair, and know that there were certain exceptions to the rules. By then you were developed and had learned good habits of eating and drinking. Can you imagine kids growing up, thinking they can eat or drink anything anytime, anywhere? After that anything goes. Crackheads are made not born!

Thanks to his Nazarite vow, John was "....not just another reed shaken in the wind." He lived in the wilderness, he ate a simple "clean" diet, and wore plain simple clothes. In fact he dressed in the old fashioned style of Elijah.

Then, of course, you know he was a fearless preacher of righteousness, not afraid to speak the truth.

What do you think about these "last days"? Will God have a people prepared? Who will deliver this message? Who is the "Voice Crying in the Wilderness" today? Will Elijah actually come back? Maybe, but I don't think so. Jesus said, "...if you are willing to accept it, John is Elijah come back." In other words, it's the Elijah message that comes around. God will have the Elijah messengers and the Elijah message in the "last days", to prepare those who are not afraid to worship (respect) Him as the creator of all. Revelation 14 : 07. I believe they are the 144,000.

Satan always has a counterfeit for everything. What do you suppose is the opposite of this kind of discipleship instituted by God, and also with Jesus and His disciples? If you just look around you see it everywhere. Instead of discipline and hard work, you see the lazy feel good religion all over. "Prosperity produces a mass of professors." People are as the Bible said they would be, "...lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God."

Isn't this the ultimate challenge? Not to be bent by "...every wind of doctrine."? Not to be afraid to stand alone? Doesn't it seem like we've come to the time when most "...will not ENDURE sound doctrine."?

What can we do? Where do we start? The answer is in the rest of that last verse of the Old Testament. "....he (the prophet) shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers..." This is talking about a revival. A revival that's based on training the next generation through the enlightenment of their parents. It's based on truth and discipline and work, not emotions, sensationalism, and selfish gratification.

It all begins with learning and teaching what is natural. Man in place of God is for the most part, artificial instead of natural. This brings us to the 2nd Commandment, which is part of the First and Greatest Commandment, to always put God first. Why do you suppose God said not to make any images, any likeness of anything He has made? The only picture He ever gave us of Himself, is the Ten Commandments. Jesus was that Word made flesh! He has no respect for our inventions. Is it natural to mutilate and desecrate our bodies? I've never seen a tattoo or a piercing that didn't look like artificial man made crap. At the same time this kind of idolatry runs rampant with the back to nature, earth muffin, environmental types. They want everyone to believe that they will be responsible for the environment, and society, without morals!

Why are we so afraid to be really natural? Why are we afraid of the wilderness? Are we afraid of a simple healthful diet? How about the old fashioned healthy style of dress? This is why I have said before, the Amish are the greatest witness in the earth. Everyone complains about our artificial life and all it's impossible problems, but we would never dream of being like the Amish. The fact is we all want to sit on our ass and just push the accelerator, make lots of money, and avoid any real labor. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "The problem with the world is; no one wants to be a subsistence farmer, and they don't want anyone else to have to be a subsistence farmer!"

Now I'm getting to the real heart of the matter. Addictions. Essentially true religion can be summed up in one verse. "Whatsoever God has joined together, let no man separate." The fossil fuels that are buried, some of them miles under the surface at the time of the flood, should for the most part have been left there. Mankind has been joined together from the beginning by marriage, family, church, school, and work. No one has successfully escaped the weekly cycle, even if it's sitting on the couch every Sunday, drinking beer and watching football. You may as well try to escape being human. In other words the heathen culture all around us cannot even escape. The real truth is; God's Commandments are about working and functioning seven days a week. Some are just too lazy and selfish and careless to gather together and worship together.

You might be surprised to know that, sugar, juice, vitamins, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, meth, whatever, are just elements that have been separated and isolated. You might notice the progressive order here, going from bad to dangerous. Why do you suppose, juice is worse than sugar? Sugar is a reasonable facsimile of honey. Nazarites were not to drink juice, but they ate a little honey. Samson ate honey, John the Baptist ate wild honey and locust beans, what they now call St. John's bread. Jesus, it says, ate curds and honey. Why is a little honey good, but juice bad? Sugar is glucose and sucrose, half carbohydrate and half sugars. Honey is the same. However most of you know honey contains a multitude of other micro elements. Raw honey even contains adrenalin from the bees! Juice however, is more fructose which is an even simpler form of sugar, which of course lends itself more readily to making alcohol, the simplest form of sugar. In your stomach, fructose combines more easily with proteins to make alcohol. It's much better to eat vegetables with your meal, than fruit. Fruit will serve the purpose of providing enzymes needed for good digestion, you don't need much though, just enough to brush your teeth when you're done eating. Apples are the best, horses even eat apples, they are less acidic, and they contain what they call pulpable fiber, and a good type of detergent that along with their crunchiness really cleans your teeth. The only thing better is cabbage and carrots, especially if you just ate dessert with your dinner.

Now I have to write a book about vitamins. Ever since WWII they have been pumping us full of vitamins. Of course they keep discovering new vitamins and elements that the vitamins and minerals need to be absorbed and utilized. There seems to be no end. Most people still think vitamins are the solution to our depraved food supply. Now you can hardly buy anything that isn't supplemented. The big craze now is vitamin water. Vitamins are the solution and the more the better, right? I know many are going to be offended when I say, this is just another way to substitute our man made religion for what God has made. Who can possibly know how many of what kind of vitamins and elements you need. Should we pay some expert to make a wild somewhat educated guess for us? It doesn't matter, it's just that, a wild ignorant (What we know is always dwarfed by what we don't know.) guess!

Let me give you an example. They can tell all kinds of things about you with a blood test. They say that most Americans are deficient in vitamin B-12. They don't tell you though, that B-12 is on everything that's dirty. You even get it from your dirty hard working hands. We are so civilized though. We have soap. Not just soap either, a whole myriad of chemical cleaners and sterilants. See my previous article, "Less than 5 gallons, Less than 5 minutes" to learn all about the evils of soap. If you eat a certain amount of fresh food, right off the tree, or right out of the garden, like a good Indian you would not be deficient, believe me. The whole thing is, it's not just B-12. No one knows what all you're missing out on with your processed, sterilized, over cooked food. This time of year (Spring) I get Dandelions out of the yard to eat after meals when I feel like it. They are covered with a grey film. You see this on fresh fruit, about anything fresh picked.

Vitamins are not a good substitute for anything, especially good habits and a natural God given diet. The best thing we can do is grow our own food. It's a constant quest to acquire naturally grown food, do more cooking at home, and avoid processed food and drinks.

You can see from the list, the next chapter is on alcohol. I am loath to write it. From what I've written here already I think you can see the light. God didn't say, thou shalt not drink, He just gave us the example of the Nazarites. It's not natural, it's not Biblical, it dishonors God and family and society, and it's a violation of personal stewardship, and every other responsibility. Instead, I'm going to tell you how to quit!

Sure it's tough, but it's as simple as going to the wilderness! The same goes for any of the other nasty adulterated substances you might be a slave to.

The question is; do you really want to be free? If you want to experience uninhibited freedom, you have to experience the wilderness. The problem is people enjoy their addictions along with their artificial environment that supports it. You have to get away from the sights and sounds and distractions of the city. The television, the quick stop on the corner, the traffic, the noise and pollution.

The climax of the Old Testament was when God took over 1 million people out of Egypt after 250 years or so, of bondage, and sustained them in the wilderness. Most of them were unhappy and ungrateful at the first hardship. They could have went straight to the promised land, cold turkey. Instead it took 40 years to purge the heathen influence, and that wasn't long enough.

You can do it in just 40 days though! Moses (a type of Christ) fasted for 40 days alone in the wilderness before he could enter God's presence and receive His character written on stone. Jesus fasted alone in the desert for 40 days before he began his ministry. The true prophets of today (Although I haven't seen them yet.) like John the Baptist, have been pioneering the way for you.

This has been my dream for many years, to provide a wilderness experience for young people, and in the process they can learn a trade, learn how to eat real food, and drink water, and do real work.

The horses are therapeutic, the trees are therapeutic, the fresh air is therapeutic, the activity is therapeutic, the environment is therapeutic.


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