Thursday, December 20, 2007

Woodland Solution to FIRE!

Woodland Stewardship Institute
The Woodland Solution to
F I R E !
There is only one real solution the fire problem in the forest. Trees and Mulch. Or in other words leave a forest behind. Yes trees are the answer, but mulch is the solution. This needs to be done through selective logging without burning. Often controlled burning is a valuable, beneficial tool. However, many woodlands need careful management and the last thing they need is more burning. Logging slash chopped and scattered [Mulched] on the ground, can be burned safely and beneficially if ladder fuels are minimized and it's done in the right weather. Mulch retains moisture, and only the surface burns. This of course has many benefits. Seed germination, nutrient changes, certain weed eradication, fire prevention etc. Remember though, weeds and trees germinate and thrive in bare mineral soil. When trees start to mature though, they need mulch. Naturally they produce their own mulch, but it takes roughly 100 yrs. to produce 4 inches of duff! Generally 4 inches of duff will absorb all the water of a 100 year storm! Forests that have been overcut or clearcut often seem to grow back very well [Along with the weeds and the brush.] but if you get out of your car and look close you will usually find little or no duff. Extracting 2nd and 3rd growth timber and not leaving the mulch [fiber] behind creates deficiencies and long term problems. You can actually build up a forest and restore nutrients with good mulching practices.

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