Tuesday, December 4, 2007

World Wide Community Tree Fund

Woodland Stewardship Institute
The World Wide Community Tree Fund

The reasoning behind our tree fund:

This is one part of another WSI program, "Woodland Social Intervention". The other parts are the WSI Deacon's fund, which co-ordinates with the Woodland Scouts International, and the WSI vocational, rehabilitation training program.

Countless large beautiful trees, that would take 50 to 100 or more years to replace, are being ruined by improper trimming or neglect, or terminated because of failures - due to improper trimming or neglect. Many of these trees have, fortunately, never been trimmed. Some of the best specimens have survived naturally with little or no care. However, this is a very small minority. Many more trees would survive with fewer and less damaging failures with proper, periodic maintenance. The best thing about neglected trees a lot of times is they have all their lower limbs. This gives them a low profile. Humans tend to hack the lower limbs off so they can waste money on shrubs and turf. Then they wonder why tree climbers are so rare![Can you imagine kids growing up never climbing a tree?] Nature will often knock the top center out, with wind or lightning, and then the tree begins to spread. A lot of these grand survivors belong to people who have no budget for such things. Consequently, they succumb to the low bid butcher, or they're talked into removing the tree under false pretenses. Often because no one there can climb it or trim it. Anyone can cut a tree down. How many things they wreck or how many people they kill might be another story. The people that own these trees need to be informed, and their trees need to be nominated to the WSI World Wide Community Tree Fund. Hopefully before it's too late!
This is a revolving fund. The customer pays 25% or 1/3 down if they can. Then they pay whatever payments they can manage. Some people have only been able to pay $100 down and $50 a month. Yes, you guessed it. Some can't pay anything. Regardless, the trees are preserved. The owners never get a bill and are never turned over to a collection agency! [These should be illegal! You should collect your own bills.] No one likes the former or the latter. Instead. They receive a note from WSI with our site address. Here they can see [by their cross reference number, for privacy] how much they have contributed and how much has been absorbed by the Tree Fund. Then hopefully someday their name will appear in the "funds donated column".
Excess funds are used for worthy projects in conjunction with the Woodland Scouts or the WSI Deacon's Fund, and possibly the WSI Vocational Rehabilitation Training Program.
This could include pruning in the parks or cemetarys that are often neglected because of budget shortages.
Trees belong to everyone. This is an opportunity for anyone to contribute to a real practical tree fund that works.

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