Monday, December 3, 2007

World Wide Wood Registry

Woodland Stewardship Institute presents WSI Quiet Wood
The Most Wonderful Wood in the World
The WSI World Wide Wood Registry

This is a simple, sensible, qualified wood program that anyone can use. You can be a part of our World Wide Wood Supply of Integrity! There are two major objectives to our qualified wood program.

Objective #1. Protect, preserve and promote people.
Quiet means; small, careful, qualified, independent arborists and horse loggers trained the old fashioned proven apprenticeship way. Quiet is about people and jobs. Not more labor saving dangerous noisy machinery. [Almost all accidents are equipment related] Safety programs, conservation programs, etc. are incomplete, inadequate, ineffective etc. unless they begin to minimize equipment. A true safety program like anything else in life, has to be based on the first and greatest commandment.
Safety Rule # 1
It's not about money. If making money is your first priority, you have your head on backwards and your just making noise.
Safety Rule # 2
It's not about production. Volume should not be your first consideration. "Work without faith is vanity". "A good name is worth more than gold". Accidents happen when your going too fast, things get out of control, your too tired, and there's too much noise. You can get more work done when you have your head on straight and your thinking. Consider what your doing, consider Nature, consider others, consider what time it is. "There's nothing wrong with being a workaholic as long as you know how to tell time!" M.St.G.
Safety Rule # 3
It's not about equipment. I know machinery and technology have been a great American tradition that has put us ahead of the world. However, "Knowledge without faith is dangerous."
"When America ceases to be good she will cease to be great."? Albert Schweitzer said, "Man has lost the capacity to foresee and forestall, he will end by destroying the earth." God says "He is going to come and destroy them that destroy the Earth."How do you compete without the latest greatest equipment? We can be very competitive climbing trees with ropes. There is a good share of the tree work that is too small, too tall, or too inaccessible for expensive lift equipment. The only way a bucket truck can compete with good climbers is to hack and chop and run. It's not practical to do quality work with a bucket. They're always cutting too many lower limbs, cutting things out of their way, wrecking the lawn, compacting the soil, breaking the roots, etc. etc.
It's the same with horse logging. If you want to promote the best quality logging, just write the specs. There's no machine that comes close to the efficiency, versatility, economy, and reliability of horses. Even if you had a machine that could skid 2000 lbs.- or more with the right arch, and negotiate a 3 foot wide trail. What would be the point. You can be sure it would be expensive, smelly, ugly, greasy, dirty, unaffectionate, always breaking down, and NOISY!

Objective #2. Protect, preserve and promote the resource.
What are the rules? Same as above. Plus, we want to remember tree safety and health, forest health and diversity, and of course, fire prevention. Quiet means working with Nature. Quiet means knowing that Nature is the best teacher. Quiet means leaving a healthy, natural, diverse forest behind. Quiet means knowing how to climb a big tree and taking the time and effort to trim the whole tree for safety, health and strength. Cutting trees for no good reason is the loud sound of bad science. Cutting trees just for money is profanity! If we are going to create a demand for Qualified Wood, we have to understand and abide by the simple, basic, best criteria. Otherwise it would not be "The most wonderful wood in the world."

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